About the Surah

Surah Title : فاطر

English Title : Fatir

Order in Al-Mushaf : 35

Number of Verses : 45

Type : makkah

Page Number in Al-Mushaf : From Page 434 To Page 440


وَإِن يُكَذِّبُوكَ فَقَدۡ كُذِّبَتۡ رُسُلٞ مِّن قَبۡلِكَۚ وَإِلَى ٱللَّهِ تُرۡجَعُ ٱلۡأُمُورُ


       And if they deny you [O Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him)!], so were the messengers denied before you (by such people, so don’t be sad). And all the matters will return to Allah (for decision). (He shall deal with them. Why should you be grieved?)

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