About the Surah

Surah Title : المطففين

English Title : Al-Mutaffifin

Order in Al-Mushaf : 83

Number of Verses : 36

Type : makkah

Page Number in Al-Mushaf : From Page 587 To Page 589


وَيۡلٞ لِّلۡمُطَفِّفِينَ


Woe to those who give less in measure and weight (i.e. to defraud).


The reason for descending the verse

Al-Suddi said, “When the Messenger of Allah arrived at Madinah, there was a man called Abu Juhaynah. This man had two scales; he used one scale when he sold things to people and the other when he bought from them. And so Allah (exalted is He) revealed this verse.”(Al-Wahidi,Reasons of Revelation)

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